I have a love hate relationship with food.

It’s mostly Love.

That’s what I hate about it.


It’s true that I love food but I think I love the wrong foods and as I get older I am realising that quality trumps quantity. I’m a bit lazy when it comes to cooking and whilst I’m not a bad cook, I definitely think there is room to grow. I think I have gotten to the point in my life where cooking has become a chore and perhaps that has changed my outlook in the kitchen. My goal is to make cooking fun again!

Every kid loves birthdays…and I was no exception. But my favourite part wasn’t the presents. My favourite thing was choosing what birthday cake Mum would make for me out of her trusty old Women’s day childrens birthday cake book! Now that I am a mother of 2, I am getting excited all over again but this time I will be making them…I’m just hoping that my girls will be able to look past the inevitable runny icing and wonky decorations…but then again, maybe I will find my calling in cake decorating- stay tuned!

My Mum used to be a chef and she passed down all her skills and knowledge to her daughter…not me, my sister! Whilst I can manage the basics I’ve never really pushed myself so here is my chance to shine and become head chef of my kitchen! Perhaps a fitness challenge should follow the food challenges though as I happen to be a champion taste tester!!

I am a self confessed sugar addict and I really should cut out sugar (or so my dentist tells me) but I’m a believer in “everything in moderation” so I will aim to reduce, not completely eliminate!





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